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Who Are The Elite?

There are two kinds of people in this world: the colonists that immigrated to Earth first and those that followed them. Something happened to those first immigrants, no one knows what, but they were changed.

The changes were subtle with one exception: they had forgotten nearly all of the philosophical and scientific knowledge accumulated over millennia. To say their technology was crude would be an understatement. They lived like savages.

It made things difficult for those that came later. At first they made no effort to hide the differences. They used technology openly. But the colonists reacted strangely. They either thought those later immigrants were gods and started worshipping them or they thought they were demons and tried to kill them. Eventually, the later immigrants slipped into the shadows and formed a human subculture that has stood for tens of thousands of years. We, those first immigrants, know them simply as 'the elite'.

The elite have spent millennia reeducating us and reintroducing us to technology. Some of the elite think they have gone as far as they should. To reveal the final secrets would be more than we could handle. Others believe that if the final secrets are not revealed, the earth's environment will be destroyed. The battle lines are drawn. Unfortunately, those battle lines cut straight through the lives of Clayton Jeffries and Kate Young - unknowing innocents that simply want to know what happened to his daughters and her brother. The answer will change them...and the world forever.